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Kings Norton, Birmingham

Burgums of the "FF", "JJ", "QQ" and "TT" family trees lived here, or nearby. Could they be related?

KINGS NORTON , is an area of Birmingham, England, formerly in the county of Worcestershire. It lies six and a half miles south-southwest of the city centre of Birmingham.

St Nicolas Church, Kings Norton, dates back to the early 13th century, although earlier churches may have existed on this site. The spire was built sometime between 1446 and 1475. Much of the Norman building was demolished in the 14th century when a new nave, both aisles and the chancel arch were constructed. Most of the south aisle was re-built in the 17th century, while a much steeper roof was constructed in the 17th century. The church parish was was formalised in 1846.[1] More restorations took place in 1863 (Ewan Christian) and 1871 (W. J. Hopkins). Author of The Railway Series including Thomas the Tank Engine, the Revd W. V. Awdry, was curate here from 1940 to 1946.

The list below shows births and marriages that were registered in the district.

Name Date Location BMD Quarter/Volume/Page Notes FT
Allen Burgum 1837 Kings Norton Birth SEP 1837 (BC 18/380) p=Henry + Charlotte TT
Annie Mary Burgum 1877 Kings Norton Birth JUN 1877 (BC 6c/422) p=William + Emma QQ
Emily Burgum 1890 Kings Norton Birth DEC 1890 (BC 6c/438) p=William + Emily TT
Elsie Burgum 1895 Kings Norton Birth SEP 1895 (BC 6c/449) p=William + Emily TT
Elizabeth Burgum 1844 Kings Norton Marriage DEC 1844 (MC 18/512) m=George Drinkwater ??
Henry Burgum 1850 Kings Norton Marriage DEC 1850 (MC 18/582) m=George Drinkwater JJ
Thomas Burgum 1855 Kings Norton Marriage JUN 1850 (MC 6c/527) m=Mary E. Green ??
Mary Elizabeth Burgum 1850 Kings Norton Marriage JUN 1865 (MC 6c/652) m=Frederick Davison ??
Elizabeth Burgum 1865 Kings Norton Marriage JUN 1863 (MC 6c/600) m=Fred Challoner TT
Edith Lizzie Burgum 1907 Kings Norton Marriage JUN 1907 (MC 6c/760) m=Hezlop Tubman QQ

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