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Parish Register Marriages England and Wales

The Parish Registers below are in alphabetical and then date order. Some of them have a reference number (PR-01, etc), which assists me with cross-referencing. Despite hundreds and hundreds of hours of research this list is (sadly) not yet complete and may well never be completed. The task is just too vast! If you have additional information, which can be added to this list please get in touch.

KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS: (c) = christening; (m) = marriage; (bur) = burial. Codes in the "NOTES" below each entry indicate a cross-reference to another list. CS=Census Return; PR=Parish Register; MG=IGI (Gloucestershire); MH=IGI (Herefordshire); MX=IGI (Worcs.); etc. Click here for a key to the County Abbreviations used on this list.

If you require more information on an individual or family, or can supply more information, please e-mail Doug at the BURGUM FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY. Or Contact me. Thanks...

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Name Surname Spouse Name Date Location Minister Occupation Residence Reference Notes FT DOC
Abraham J. Burgum Margaret Burleson 24 Jun 1873 Bethseda Chapel, Gateshead       JUN 1903 (MC 10a/1501)   WW  
Agnes Burgum Benjamin May 16 May 1875 Ettingshall     Priestfield   By Banns, age 20, s TT  
Albert E. Burgham Mary A. Slasor 25 May 1903 Venerable Bede, Gateshead           WW  
Alfred E. Burgham Isabella Stewart Jun 1940 Sunderland, Durham       JUN 1940 (MC 10a/1691)      
Amelia Burgum Isaac Holden 26 Mar 1848 Aston Juxta, Birmingham       MAR 1848 (MC 16/258)   TT  
Amelia Burgum Frederick A. Andrews 03 Sep 1876 Birmingham St Martins       SEP 1876 (MC 6d/156)   QQ  
Amy Bergum Elijah Davies 31 Oct 1699 Linton St Mary, HER           FF?  
Anne Bergum Thomas Weale 19 May 1698 Linton St Mary, HER           FF?  
Anne Burgum John Wolley 03 Sep 1750 Walford, HER Walwyn Morgan     AO19/2    
Anne Burgham James Yearsley 28 Feb 1775 Newland, GLS P. Ball, vicar   Dixon, MON P227 in 1/7 p.493 By Licence, both sign MM?  
Ann Burgham John Sanford May 1779 Newington St Mary, SRY              
Ann Burgum Joseph Rimmer 27 Mar 1780 Shoreditch St Leonards,              
Ann Burgham Joseph Lloyd 30 Jun 1805 English Bicknor William Prosser Land adjoining   P138 in 1/7 p.50. After Banns    
Anne Burgum John Price 10 Aug 1809 Newland, GLS Taylor M. Proctor   Newland P227 in 1/10 p.140      
Ann Burgum Benjamin Williams 21 Sep 1812 Hereford St Martins, HER              
Anne Burgham Esaias Pewtner 14 May 1825 Walford, HER T.D. Fosbroke   Walford AO19/6 p. 55      
Ann Burgum William Webb 13 Dec 1864 Dudley St Thomas, WOR         Nee Woodall WW  
Annie Burgham Charles J. Morris 01 Jul 1907 Newland, GLS Arthur Noott   Redbrook P227 in 1/14 p.1 f=Tom Burgham GG  
Anthony Burgum Elizabeth Parry 29 Dec 1787 Abenhall, GLS John Probyn   Aston Ingham P1 in 1/5 p.21 Elizabeth, a widow FF  
Anthony T. Burgum Ann Harper Bradley 30 May 1857 Bishops Cleeve           FF  
Arthur J. Burgham Margueretta Holder 31 Dec 1906 Drybrook, GLS James Lawton Butcher Steam Mills P109 in 1/9 p.81 f=William Burgham MM  
Avis Bergum William Buffet 18 May 1679 Abenhall, GLS       GDR V1/1      
Benjamin Burgum Sibyl Peacock 02 Aug 1812 Hereford St Peters, HER              
Betty Burgum Robert Phelps 15 Feb 1811 Upton Bishop, HER G.H.L. Gretton   Upton Bishop AD99/6 p.48 By Banns    
Blanch Bergum William Shepherd 20 Jul 1674 Oxenhall St Anns, GLS       MG-55      
Bridget Burgham John Haddock 10 May 1845 Tynemouth, NBL              
Charles Hy. Burgum Eliza Stedman 21 Mar 1866 Catshill, WOR       MAR 1866 (6c/428)   FF  
Charlotte Burgum John Isaac Fletcher 10 Apr 1834 Manchester Cathedral              
Charlotte Burgum Frederick Weight 18 Aug 1849 Broad Street Chapel, Bristol           AA  
Charlotte E. Burgham Joseph T. Taylor 02 Apr 1888 Drybrook, GLS William Barker   Bilson Green P109 in 108 p.78 f=Edwin Burgham MM  
Christopher Bergum Anne Read 17 Jan 1622 Longhope, GLS       GDR V1/149      
Edith Nelly Burgham Reuben Frampton 15 Oct 1921 Birmingham, WAR       DEC 1921 (MC 6d/578)      
Edmund Burgum Mary Ellis 25 Oct 1747 Walford, HER       AO19/1      
Edmund Burgum Sarah Shepcot 31 Aug 1755 Edgbaston, WAR              
Edward Birgwin Sarah Jones 30 Dec 1820 Newland, GLS     Newland P227 in 1/11 p.104      
Edward Burgham Esther Perry 29 May 1871 Stone, WOR       JUN 1871 (MC 6c/363)   KK  
Edward John Burgham Margaret Jane Dodgson 25 Aug 1888 Usworth, DUR       SEP 1888 (MC 10a/862)   UU  
Edward John Burgham Doris Richardson 06 Jun 1938 Hedworth, DUR       JUN 1938 (MC 10a/1762)   UU  
Edwin J. Burgham Clara Thomas 01 Feb 1859 Newnham, GLS E.C. Brice Collier Newnham P228 in 1/13 p.118 By Banns; both mark UU  
Eleanor Burgum Richard Prothero 15 Jun 1800 Newland, GLS R. Gibson   Newland P227 in 1/10 p.15 By Banns; both signed    
Eliza Burgham Esau Harris 16 Jul 1865 Newland, GLS N. Cornford   Lydbrook P227 in 1/13 p.157 Widow of William Burgum GG  
Elizabeth Bergum Richard Cole 05 Oct 1689 Linton St Mary, HER     Linton AR91/2 By Banns FF?  
Elizabeth Bergum Giles Lingall 05 Apr 1703 Longhope, GLS George Ven   Newent GDR V1/149      
Elizabeth Burgum William Phillips 04 Sep 1745 Newnham, GLS       P228 in 1/2      
Elizabeth Burgum John Bailey 05 Nov 1752 Blaisdon, GLS              
Elizabeth Burgum Peter Heall 20 Dec 1759 St Augustine, Bristol J. Casberd           DOC
Elizabeth Bergum Philip Morgan 01 May 1797 Kempley, GLS David Boyd   Kempley P188 in 1/4 p.20 By Banns KK  
Esther Burgum John Peckthorn 04 Oct 1801 Kempley, GLS Robert Savage   Kempley P188 in 1/4 p.21 By Banns KK  
Elizabeth Burgum William Marston 20 Dec 1802 Aston Ingham, HER Charles Whatley   Aston Ingham AR90/5 p.24 f=Thomas Burgum FF  
Elizabeth Burgum James Bennet 28 Jan 1812 Aston Ingham, HER Charles Whatley   Aston Ingham AR90/5 p.32 By Licence; both signed FF?  
Elizabeth Burgham Joseph Clayton 20 Feb 1826 Aston Juxta Birmingham              
Elizabeth Ann Burgum Richard Evans 20 Apr 1843 Manchester Cathedral       JUN 1843 (MC 20/408)      
Elizabeth Burgham Joshua Williams 17 May 1859 Bream St James, GLS John D. Ridout   Bream Woodside P57 in 1/8 p.16 By Banns; both mark UU  
Elizabeth Burgum Edwin Glastonbury 06 Feb 1869 Littledean St Ethelberts, GLS William Lockett   Littledean P110 in 1/10 p.68 Both sign RR  
Emily M. Burgham William Hill 28 Apr 1867 Newnham, GLS E.C. Brice   Newnham P228 in 1/13 p.188 f=George Burgham UU  
Emily M. Burgham Oliver James 20 Sep 1888 Newland, GLS Alfred J. Ballure   Redbrook P227 in 1/13 p.234 f=Henry Burgham MM  
Emma Burgham Thomas H. Byron 01 Jan 1914 Newland, GLS R. H. Evered   Redbrook P227 in 1/14 p.11 f=Tom Burgham GG  
Esther Burgum John Peckthorn 04 Oct 1801 Kempley St Mary, GLS              
Esther Burgham Richard Howells 05 Aug 1840 Newland, GLS George Ridout   Redbrook P227 in 1/12 p.90 f=Thomas Burgham MM  
Eva Burgham George Lewis 15 Jul 1940 Drybrook, GLS A.G. Partridge Nurse Drybrook P109 in 1/22 p.92 By Licence; both signed LL  
Felicia Burgham George H. Stallard 25 Jun 1894 Upton Bishop, HER Andrew Pope   Upton Bishop BS26 p.95 f=Henry Burgham FF  
Frances Burgum Stephen Knirton 08 Jun 1643 Abenhall, GLS       P1 in 1/1 p.46 Previously m=Richard? FF?  
Frances Bergum River Jordan 12 Apr 1752 Flaxley St Mary, GLS William Crawley   Littledean P145 in 1/4 p.5   AA  
Frances Burgum Charles Penner 20 Dec 1759 Aston Ingham, HER Charles Whatley   Foy, HER AR90/6 p.9 Anthony + Eliz. Burgum FF  
Frances Burgham William Harrison 12 Mar 1798 Barnard Castle, DUR              
Frances Burgum William Sanders 22 Feb 1819 Birmingham St Philips              
Frances Burgum Charles Penner 01 Jul 1824 Aston Ingham St John, HER Charles Whatley   Foy AR90/6 By Licence; both sign FF  
Frances Burgham Thomas H. Kirsop Sep 1933 Sunderland, DUR       DEC 1933 (MC 10a/1459)      
Francis T. Burgum Olive S. Crump 03 Apr 1937 Tidenham, GLS George R. Newman Lorry driver Tutshill P333/1 in 1/11 p.2 By Banns; both signed FF  
George Burgum Hanah Stoneyard 03 May 1740 Linton St Mary, HER       AR91/4   FF  
George Burgum Mary South 16 Apr 1754 Darfield, YKS     Thorp, Wath P81-1-B1 Banns    
George Burgum Elizabeth Izod 15 Mar 1787 Feckenham St Johns, WOR           FF  
George Burgum Sarah Grindal 22 Sep 1808 Newland, GLS Taylor M. Proctor   100 of St Briavels P227 in 1/10 p.128   UU  
George Burgum Elizabeth Williams 01 Nov 1834 Newland, GLS Henry W. Sheppard   100 of St Briavels P227 in 1/11 p.274 P=George + Sarah UU  
George Burgum Amelia Millington 03 Jun 1838 Birmingham St Philips       JUN 1838 (MC 16/324)   QQ  
George Burgum Charlotte Edwards 2 Nov 1848 Upton Bishop, HER J. Garbett Farmer Gateford BS26 p.26 f=Henry Burgum FF  
George Burgham Sarah Ann Brice 09 Nov 1856 Newnham St Peter, GLS E.C. Brice Collier Newnham P228 in 1/13 p. 100 Banns; both mark UU  
George Burgham Harriet Smith 08 Dec 1883 Washington, DUR       DEC 1883 (MC 10a/741)   UU  
George Burgham Mary A. Humphrey 04 Mar 1911 South Shields, DUR       MAR 1911 (MC 10a/ 911)   UU  
George W. Burgham Georgina Preston 6 Jun 1881 Bilston St Leanard   Ironworker     f=George W. Burgum WW  
Hannah Bergum John Amphlet 29 Oct 1719 Oxenhall St Annes, GLS John Pauncefoot     P241 in 1/1 p.77   FF?  
Hannah Bergum Stephen Howell 20 Feb 1778 Aston Ingham, HER George Pollen   Aston Ingham, HER AR90/5 p.14 By Banns FF  
Hannah Burgum John Marvil 11 Feb 1800 Bakewell, DBY              
Hannah Burgum George Fussell 22 Mar 1835 Bristol, GLS Samuel E. Day     PR Witness - Ann Burgum AA DOC
Henry Bergum Joane 1663 Linton St Mary, HER           FF  
Henry Burgum Martha Tutton 24 Mar 1761 Temple, Bristol, GLS       BT's By Licence   DOC
Henry Burgum Molly Barrett 17 Feb 1775 Bristol, GLS              
Henry Burgum Elizabeth Joy 23 Jun 1788 Hodnet, SAL John Collier Forgeman Shawbury MS-03 Both age 21+ HH  
Henry Burgum Mary Wilcox Sircom 17 May 1792 St Philip & Jacob, Bristol James New       (see notes) YY? DOC
Henry Burgum Sarah Jenkins 24 Oct 1796 Walford, HER J.H. Beeston   Ruardean AO19/5   GG  
Henry Burgum Ann Burchell 19 Oct 1807 Abson, GLS           AA DOC
Henry Burgum Elizabeth Wilmot 06 Sep 1817 St James, Bristol           AA  
Henry Burgum Ann Broadworth 20 Sep 1829 Aston St Peter + Paul     Deritend Banns; P. 426 Hy, wid, 60. Ann, wid, 41    
Henry Burgum Frances Howells 31 May 1838 Aston Ingham, HER           FF  
Henry Burgum Hannah Holder 07 Jun 1859 Aston Ingham, HER Henry L. Whatley Farmer Westbury on 7 AR90/7 p.79 f=Thomas Burgum FF  
Henry Burgum Elizabeth Jones 25 Feb 1899 Upton Bishop, HER Andrew Pope Farmer Upton Bishop BS26 p.102 f=Thomas Burgum FF  
James Burgum Hanna Johnson 10 Feb 1807 Lydney, GLS William Jones   Lydney P209 in 1/8 p.121 Banns, both mark    
James Burgum Elizabeth Segar 07 Apr 1828 Bolton St Peters, LAN           PP  
James Burgum Anne Haskins 26 Jun 1828 Taynton, GLS James Archibald   Aston Ingham P326 in 1/8 p.13 By Licence FF  
James Burgum Mary Ann Cocking 01 May 1836 Rotherham All Saints, YKS Thomas Blackley   Rotherham Minster PR-87-3-12 p.55 By Banns OO  
James Burgum Mary Cooper 21 Feb 1846 Christchurch, GLS              
James Burgum Sarah Ann Philips 31 Dec 1853 Drybrook, GLS Henry G. Nicholls Collier East Dean P109 in 1/6 p.70 f=Thomas Burgum    
James H.A. Burgum Emily Foster 30 Apr 1864 St Werburgh, Derby           PP  
Jane Bergham William Lodge 22 May 1822 Abenhall, GLS John Newport   100 of St Briavels P1 in 1/9 p.20 By Banns    
Jane Burgum Henry Elkin 07 Sep 1842 St Nicholas, Liverpool           JJ  
Janet Burgum William Parker 1701 Littledean St Leonards, GLS              
Joane Bergam William Morgan 29 Aug 1682 Newent St Mary, GLS           FF?  
Joan Burgum William Harris 09 Apr 1743 Linton St Mary, HER       AR91/4   FF?  
John Burgham Dorothy Street Dec 1613 Guildford St Nicholas, SRY       GUN/1/1      
John Bourgham Anne Phillips 12 Oct 1631 Frampton on Severn              
John Burgam Mary Chandler 07 Mar 1647 Gillingham, NOR*     Gillingham, NOR PD 668/2 *All Saints    
John Birgum Jane Purton 05 May 1669 Linton St Mary, HER       AR91/2 By Banns FF?  
John Bergum Alice Voice 29 Apr 1671 Linton St Mary, HER       AR91/2 By Banns FF?  
John Bergum Hannah Bull 05 Feb 1679 St Katherine, LON*       AR91/2 *By the Tower    
John Bergum Ann Bayliss 13 Aug 1769 Kempley, GLS John Jenkins   Kempley, GLS P188 in 1/4 p.6 By Banns KK  
John Bergham Mary Thomas 14 Nov 1769 Abbey Dore, HER              
John Burgum Mary Bartholomew 19 Jun 1773 Christ Church, Philadelphia              
John Burgum Sarah Summerville 04 Apr 1782 Mangotsfield, GLS Chris Haynes     BT's By Banns AA DOC
John Burgum Mary Thomas 08 Sep 1801 Garway St Michael, HER              
John Burgum Mary Ann Winston 06 Dec 1801 Hereford St Peter, HER              
John Burgum Mary Roberts 01 Jun 1803 Newland, GLS R. Gibson   Newland P227 in 1/10 p.54   WW  
John Burgum Elizabeth Sawyer 16 Sep 1819 Wick, GLS           AA  
John Burgum Mary Pool 14 May 1820 St Marys, Handsworth, STS              
John Burgum Ann Evans 28 Sep 1834 Bristol St Pauls           AA DOC
John Burgum Charlotte Morris 18 May 1842 Newland, GLS George Ridout Labourer Lydbrook P227 in 1/12 p.122 f=Henry Burgum GG  
John Burgham Louisa Davies 27 Jul 1846 Newland, GLS C.W. Grove Moulder Redbrook P227 in 1/12 p.185 f=Thomas Burgham MM  
John Burgham Ann Barnbrook 17 Sep 1849 Hartlebury, WOR         f=Richard Burgham KK  
John Burgham Elizabeth C. Carpenter 26 Nov 1857 Hereford St Martins, HER         f=Thomas Burgum FF  
John Burgham Mary Morgan 28 Sep 1862 Welsh Bickner, HER John Temple Waggoner Welsh Bickner CJ26/4 p.4 f=John Richardson    
John Burgum Rolinda Hussey 29 Jul 1871 Ruardean, GLS William Penfold Furnaceman Lydbrook P275 in 1/10 p.64 f=John Burgum GG  
Joseph Burgum Maria Carpenter 29 May 1824 Feckenham St John, WOR           FF  
Joseph Burgum Sarah Hammond 12 Mar 1833 Linton St Mary, HER           FF