The Burgum family history society is a member of the Guild of one name studies and researches the names


History of the Society

The BURGUM FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY was founded in 1989 by Doug Burgum, in England. He had been brought up believing that his family were the only Burgums. The name was that rare! Then one rainy day in Manchester, he looked in a telephone directory and found a listing for the name. Two, in fact.

Who were they?

Doug searched more telephone directories and began writing letters. He contacted Burgums all over the UK, and later in Australia, Brazil, Singapore, South Africa and the United States of America. He began researching the various families, linking them where possible. He published the results of his research in a quarterly journal, revealing the amazing stories he was uncovering. There were still only limited numbers; the name is rare. However, the membership of the BURGUM FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY steadily grew. There are now over one hundred members of the Society throughout the world.

The BURGUM FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY is an offical one-name study and is a member of the Guild of One-Name Studies.

The BURGUM FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY Journal ceased publication after 18 years due to the rising costs of publishing and postage. However the work continues on the family history and on this website, which is updated frequently. Doug worked as an airline pilot and was lucky enough to meet many of his distant cousins around the world. He has continued to creat a massive database containing the names and dates of all the Burgums (and Burghams). It is a monumental task and his work is far from over. However, he has discovered some amazing stories along the way and some of those stories are published here on this website.