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Biddy Burgum,
Australian player J. Marshall (right) gets the hall past J. Brailhwaite and B. Burgum, of England, in their women's international hockey match at Folkstone, Kent, last week. Australia won, 2 - 1. It was England's first defeat in three years. (Biddy was born in Birmingham, daughter of Wiliam and Florence (Saward) Burgum, part of the "QQ" family tree).
From - The Advertiser (Adelaide, South Australia), published Wednesday 7 October 1953.

Ceri Burgum
Well-meaning gardeners who deposit grass-cuttings in paddocks for ponies were warned yesterday that their kindly gestures can kill. Grass cuttings rapidly ferment and cause colic which can be fatal in ponies and horses, said Miss Ceri Burgum of the British Horse Society, which is advising owners to visit paddocks daily to check that no lawn-mowings have been given to their animals.
From - Daily Telegraph; 10th June 1989.

David Burgum
David Burgum, the IAM examiner in the Rotherham area, passed his General Flight Test in a Cessa 150 earlier this year, at the completion of his flying training. David started training some 18 months ago. He has has to take examinations in air law, meteorology, navigation, radio telephony and technical matters. The latter is an oral examination. Having been beset by weather and lack of time he says: "It has been well worth the effort". His training was conducted by instructors and staff at Sandtoft Air Services, of Belton, near Doncaster. (A picture shows Charles Spooner - Instructor/Examiner, David Burgum and Mrs Sheila Hodgson - secretary.
From - "Milestones"; the offical magazine of the Institute of Advanced Motorists. Winter 1990, page 43.

Debbie Burgum
Police have asked for the body of Deborah Bernadette Theresa Burgum to be kept so they can continue investigations into her death. An inquest opened and adjorned by Gloucester coroner David Gibbons on Tuesday heard how a man in his 30's from Lydney had been arrested and bailed for ten weeks in connection with the death. Ms Burgum, aged 32, died on November 11, her body was found at her home at Klondyke Avenue, Lydney, by her brother, Paul Burgum, who formally identified her. Mr Gibbons agreed to allow officers to keep the body for 28 days after hearing that the cause of death is so far "unascertained." The inquest was adjourned to March 29.
From - The Forester; Friday 17th November 2000.

Gerald Burgum
Guests who attended the annual dinner of West Bromwich magistrates, at the Park Hotel, Wolverhampton, included (from Left) Mr Alan Pitt, deputy chairman of West Bromwich bench; Col Anthony Fender, Deputy Lieutenant of the West Midlands; Mr Philip Elliot, chairman of West Bromwich; Judge Michael Mander, guest speaker and Mr Gerald Burgum, clerk to the justices.
From - Midlands-based newspaper; date unknown.

Jennah Burgum KING OF SWINGERS SET FOR DREAM TRIP d she's all set to become a Jungle VIP. Monkey girl Jennah Burgum is jetting off to Disney's Animal Kingdom after beating her chest - and the opposition. Her animal magic took the star prize at an audition of 15 young hopefuls last night. Hundreds of Merseyside teenagers entered our fantastic Disney Animal Kingdom competition. A team of judges including a representative from Disney and ECHO Arts Editor Joe Riley watched the final 15 go through a punishing dance routine and mimic their favourite animal. Jennah, of Rose Avenue, Bootle, caught the eye of the judges with an impression of King Louie - star of the classic film Jungle Book.

Now she is preparing to fly out to New York to take part in a spectacular parade to mark the launch of the world's newest and most exciting theme park. After that Jennah and her mum Debbie will jet down to Florida to join an international party of teenagers who will be the first to enter Disney's Animal Kingdom. She said today: "I really didn't think I would win. It still hasn't really sunk in." Jennah, a pupil at Litherland High School, will go to the States with her mum on March 26. Dad Jeff, 38, who works for Group 4, will stay at home to look after her sister Jade, 10, and brother Niall four.

Once back in Britain, Jennah will act as an ambassador for Disney giving Liverpool a taste of what to expect from Disney's Animal Kingdom. Taking part in last night's auditions were Phillip McCarthy of Speke, Lucy Frederick, 13, of Halewood, Kay Kenyon, 13, of Wavertree, Natalie O'Donovan, 15, of Halewood, Ian Hollett, 14 of Norris Green, Peter Highton, 15, of Kirby, Sarah Barlow, 13 Anfield, Laura Riley, 14, Bootle, Lindsey Rafferty, 13, Huyton, Joanna Cook, 14, Aigburth, Amber Gregory, 15, Oxton, Aimie Beaufort-Dysart, 16, Tranmere.
From - Liverpool Echo; Wednesday 18th March 1998.

Jeremy Burgum
Heart of England Building Society is investing in an IBM solution worth £6 million over the next five years - thanks to the efforts of salesman, Barrie Baker, from West Midlands commercial branch. The solution is for an IBM AS/400 running Citicorp's advanced International Comprehensive Banking System. The system will provide Heart of England with customer information and support, and the ability to deliver the latest financial products and services to the point-of-sale. It will also allow the Society to develop further products and services to match demand throughout the '90s. But the sale might never have happened. Barrie explained: "IBM has a strong presence in the bigger building societies - Woolwich, Cheltenham & Gloucester and Bradford & Bingley for example - but here in the Midlands we decided to launch a campaign to penetrate the smaller societies based in the area. Heart of England was on the point of accepting a single supplier solution from Unisys, after a recommendation by Coopers and Lybrand, when I called in." "But, after a campaign involving Nigel Springhall of the building societies support group, and culminating in a visit to the Rochester laboratory at the beginning of the year, Heart of England has opted for the IBM solution instead," said account SE Jeremy Burgum. Chief executive of Heart of England Building Society, Mike Travis, said: "The Society recognised that superior information within the business is a key factor for success in financial services in the 1990's. The combination of IBM's advanced technology and the Citicorp package will give Heart of Engalnd a true competitive advantage." (Picture - Barrie Baker, IBM salesman; Eric Tomplins, general manager of information systems and Mike Travis, chief executive of Heart of England Building Society; with Jeremy Burgum of IBM. From - IBM UK NEWS; February 26 1990.

Kenneth Burgum
A Caerleon man was hailed as a hero after he dived into the river Usk to save a child who had fallen in. Mr Charles Williams of Castle Street was sitting on the river bank near the Hanbury Hotel when he heard the child fall in. The child, Kenneth Burgum of Arthur Street, Caerleon, had ridden his tricycle down the slipway and plunged into the river.
From - Welsh-based newspaper; date unknown.

Mark Burgum
Mark Burgum, 18, an aircraft fitter, lifted a Mini weighing half a ton off his father when it fell on him as he was working on its exhaust at their home at Harescombe, near Yate, Bristol. Mr Peter Burgum, 41, scrambled clear and escaped with cuts and bruising.
From - Daily Telegraph; 17th September 1988.

Mark Burgum
Teenager Mark Burgum lifted a car weighing half a ton yesterday to rescue his trapped father. Mr Peter Burgum, 41, of Yate, near Bristol, was working on the family's Mini when it slipped off its ramp, crushing his chest. Mark, 18, lifted the vehicle high enough for his gasping father to scramble clear with only cuts and bruising. "It was a superhuman effort," an Avon fire brigade spokesman said.
From - newspaper unknown; September 1988.

Piers Burgum
Recently eight Lydney town councillors spent two hours on a Sunday morning cleaning out the River Lyd beside the Co-op Stores. In that time they filled a large trailer, provided by Derek Biddle, with old shopping trolleys and baskets which had been buried over the years, wooden pallets, plastic road cones, plastic bags and general rubbish. Quite a few people commented that an excellent job had been done and that the Lyd area had not looked so clean for quite a few years. On Monday evening a friend who runs a small shop nearby told me that a trolley had been thrown into the River Lyd. I presume that it was a Co-op trolley. I have noticed on a number of occasions walking from Forest Road to the Co-op, trolleys left in the overspill car park and also along the path itself. The Co-op should do as Kwik Save do and charge £1 for a trolley, refunded on return. Piers Burgum, 29 Forest Road, Lydney.
From the letters page - The Review (Forest of Dean); November 1996.

Piers Burgum
Being the writer of the letter "Troley Woe" published in the Review a few weeks ago, I would like to respond to Richard Sterry, an employee of the County Store who collects trolleys that are left scattered around the car park area. I was not complaining about the way he does his job. I must congratulate him and his clleague on the way they not only collect trolleys but manouevre 20-30 of them at a time from the car park back to the stores in all weathers. If it wasn't through them being so through there would be a lot more trolleys left out at night and used by yougsters fooling about which could cause accidents or end up thrown in the River Lyd. I think he should be a little moe specific when he says that he blames kids and they should be at home doing their homework. A lot of youngsters who gather in groups around the lower end of the town have left school but I must agree that there is not much for them to do or places to go. Due to the reduction in the strength of the police force due to cuts over the past few years, you hardly see a copper walking the beat in towns and villages as you did years ago. There is talk of cameras being installed in the town and, if it does happen, hopefully it will rduce the vandalism that occurs at present. Just to conclude, since the town councillors cleaned out the river Lyd four weeks ago, only one trolley had been thrown in the river which has since been removed. Piers Burgum, 29 Forest Road, Lydney.
From the letters page - The Review (Forest of Dean); December 1996.

Piers Burgum TRIBUTES PAID TO KEY LABOUR MAN The Forest of Dean labour Party lost a key figure and a much-loved activist last week with the death of Piers Burgum at Lydney Hospital last Friday. MP Diana Organ said: "Piers was a lovely man, he was quiet and unassuming, but everyone who knew him thought of him as very special. He was the mainstay of the Party as well and we will all miss him very much. He didn't tell us how ill he was, but he knew, and I find it incredibly moving that in his last months he gave so much time to help re-elect a Labour MP here in the General Election. It was so like him not to make a fuss - just to get on with it and give his time, energy and friendship so generously."

Piers was the first member of the Forest of Dean Labour Party that Diana Organ met. He contacted her in 1989 to invite her to stand for selection as the European candidate for the area. Although she didn't make it then, he invited her back in 1991 when the Forest of Dean party was looking for a General Election candidate and this time she was successful.

Piers was a member of the Labour Party in Lydney for more years than most can remember but Bill Hobman (Labour County Councillor for Lydney and Chair of the Forest of Dean District Council) can recall recruiting him at a union branch meeting in the early 1970's. Piers became Bill's election agent and helped him win back the Lydney seat from the Tories. Bill said: "Piers and I pounded the streets of Lydney together for nearly 30 years. He was a very dedicated and loyal man, but intensely private." Bart Venner (Labour Councillor for Broadwell) paid tribute to his skills. "Piers wasa man for all seasons, he could run a committee room with his eyes shut and was always there to help with Party activities." Piers worked as an electrician until his retirement through ill health last year. The funeral is at Lydney Crematorium on Monday at 2pm.
From - The Forester; September 2001.

Thomas Burgum
At Ross; William Probyn and his wife were charged with stealing stockings belonging to Mr Thomas Burgum of the New House. As Mrs Probyn confessed, Mr Probyn was let off. Mrs Probyn was later committed for trial at the Assizes!
From - Hereford Times; !st December 1855.