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  1. Alma D. Burgum (1878-1962)
  2. Alton Burgum (1907-1994)
  3. Anna Mildred Burgham (1891-1947)
  4. Arthur Avery Burgum (1833-1903)
  5. Arthur J. Burgham (1881-1961)
  6. Betsy Burgham (1926-1997)
  7. Blanche Burgum (1900-1986)
  8. Bradley J. Burgum (1952-2010)
  9. Caroline Burgum (1872-1976)
  10. Charles T. Burgham (1865-1956)
  11. Charles W. Burgum (1883-1941)
  12. Daniel C. Burgum (1877-1941)
  13. Daniel H. Burgum 1956-2011)
  14. Doris Burgum (1928-2010)
  15. Dorothy C. Burgum (1915-2006)
  16. Earle B. Burgum (1891-1964)
  17. Edwin O. Burgham (1889-1969)
  18. Eleanor C. A. Burgum (1916-1971)
  19. Eliza Ball Burgham (1863-1952)
  20. Elizabeth Burgham (1881-1956)
  21. Ella Burgum (1913-1976)
  22. Emma Gannell Burgum (1826-1923)
  23. Ernest R. Burgham (1902-1958)
  24. Etta D. Burgum (1886-1959)
  25. Etta Lea Burgum (1910-1952)
  26. Evelyn Burgum (1924-2011)
  27. Fanny A. Burgum (1872-1948)
  28. Gaytha Burgum (1939-2009)
  29. Geoffrey Marvin Burgum (1947-2010)
  30. George Burgum (1871-1946)
  31. George A. Burgham (1911-1976)
  32. George B. Burgum (1925-1976)
  33. George E. Burgham (1892-1941)
  34. George K. Burgum (1895-1970)
  35. Gertrude M. Burgham (1895-1986)
  36. Gordon B. Burgum (1888-1977)
  37. H. P. Burgum (1884-1958)
  38. Harry B. Burgum (1918-2005)
  39. Hazel Burgum (1918-2011)
  40. Helen Hoff Burgum (1914-1961)
  41. Henrietta Burgum (1877-1949)
  42. Henry Burgum (1846-1925)
  43. Henry Elias Burgum (1835-1878)
  44. Henry H. Burgum (1902-1961)
  45. Jacqueline C. Burgum (1948-2006)
  46. James A. Burgham (1930-2018)
  47. James C. Burgum (1945-2017)
  48. James Ernest Burgum (1928-2008)
  49. James G. Burgum (1927-1996)
  50. James P. Burgham (1893-1968)
  51. Janet Burgum (1930-2020)
  52. Jean May Burgham (1934-2001)
  53. Jesse L. Burgham (1872-1959)
  54. John Burgum (1846-1900)
  55. John F. Burgum (1854-1933)
  56. John L. Burgum (1920-1985)
  57. John Victor Burgum (1948-2010)
  58. Joseph A. Burgum (1860-1925)
  59. Josephine A. Burgum (1935-2017)
  60. Katherine K. Burgum (1915-2005)
  61. Katherine P. Burgum (1943-2012)
  62. Katherine R. Burgum 1891-1978)
  63. Kathleen Isabel Burgum (1918-2003)
  64. Kathryn W. Burgham (1890-1933)
  65. Kenneth C. Burgum (1946-2017)
  66. Leland S. Burgum (1903-1973)
  67. Leslie Burgum (1950-2013)
  68. Leslie R. Burgum (1890-1984)
  69. Louise A. Burgum (1918-2009)
  70. Margueritte Burgham (1884?-1961)
  71. Mary A. Burgum (1910-1995)
  72. Mary L. Burgum (1929-1977)
  73. Michael Burgum (d. 2013)
  74. Nancy J. Burgum (1934-1971)
  75. Olga Luzi Burgum (1921-2016)
  76. Olga Schur Burgum (1890-1965)
  77. Oliver H. Burgham (1862-1928)
  78. Peter John Burgum (1934-2011)
  79. Piers Burgum (1938-2001)
  80. Sidney G. Burgham (1918-1993)
  81. Sylvia Burgum (1933-2008)
  82. Thelma Burgum (1931-2009)
  83. Tom Burgum (1935-2016)
  84. W. Charles Burgum (1883-1941)
  85. William C. Burgum (1855-1923)
  86. William C. Burgum (1923-1992)
  87. William H. Burgum (1858-1938)
  88. William H. Burgum (1914-2008)
  89. Margaret Kilbourne Barber (d. 1995)
  90. Bob Bartley (1937-2003)
  91. Richard James Castellani (1953-2014)
  92. Penelope Jane Coomer (d. 1993)
  93. Joyce Burgum Dunn (1927-2002)
  94. Elizabeth Burgum Fichter (1891-1965)
  95. Andrea Harker (nee Burgum) (d. 2011)
  96. Alice Farnham Lillie (1906-2003)
  97. Robert Allan McConnachie (1921-2010)
  98. Margaret M. Plasterer (1916-2012)
  99. Clara See {nee Burgum} (1871-1952)
  100. Harry Burgum Stanier (1891-1907)
  101. Ollie Mae Waxler (1899-1999)
  102. Marjorie (nee Burgham) Wilson


John Burgum (18 Dec 1846 - 01 Dec 1900)

Sudden death of Mr John BURGUM. - It is with sincere regret we record the death of Mr John Burgum, of Upper Lydbrook. The sad event occurred with tragical suddeness about 8 o’clock on Saturday morning, at which time the deceased was in the act of dressing.It would appear he had rather over-slept himsled that morning, for on hearing the shop bell ring, he got out of bed quickly and began dressing. Staggering suddenly forward, he fell upon the floor, and without again uttering a word, almost immediately expired.

Dr Linde was sent for, but although he attended at once, deceased was beyond human aid. Mr Burgum had a severe attack of influenza in August last, but he had picked up wonderfully, and was in his usual health on Friday night. As Lydbrook people well remember, his ruddy countenance was suggestive of excellent health, but this, alas, has belied by the sad event which it is our meloncholy duty to chronicle.

As Dr Linde could not, strictly speaking, certify as to the cause of death, an inquest was inevitable, and it was held at the Prince of Wales Inn, hard by the residence of the deceased, on Tuesday afternoon week, by Mr M.F. Carter, Coroner for the Forest of Dean, and a representative jury, of whom Mr G.H. Damsell was foreman, and which included the names of Reds. D.J. Perrott and J.W. Jacob.

Though it was originally expected that Mrs Burgum would give evidence, the Coroner very kindly excused her – usually not of robust health, the very distressing sudden death of her husnabd had rendered her quite prostrate, and the ordeal of having to attend the inquest (which, fortuanately, was not imperative) would have added further distress and pain to one already overborne by inexpressible grief. Therefore, Miss Mary Ann Burgum, the only child, accompanied by Rev. A.W. Latham, gave evidence. She stated thr deceased, who was 54 years of age, resided at the Stores, Upper Lydbrook. His life was insured in the London and Glasgow Assurance Company, in witness’ mother’s favour.

About 11 o’c;ock on Friday night, November 30th, deceased went to bed. He was then in his usual health. About 8 o’clock in the morning, deceased got out of bed and said. “There’s Tom going to the shop.” He then fell down. Witness sent for a neighbour named Catherine Morris, and also for Dr Linde, but the deceased expired before the doctor arrived.

The Coroner having spoken kindly to the witness, shook hands with her, and advised her to retire, which she did immediately. Dr Linde deposed he knew the deceased, and had attended him in August last for tonsillitis and influenza. Witness was sent for on Saturday morning to attend deceased, but on his arrival found life extinct. He had heard the evidence, and had examined the body of the deceased. He was of the opinion that the cause of death was paralysis of the heart, consequent upon the attack of influenza, which had impaired the nervous system. It was a common result, that influenza affected the heart.

The Coroner, in summing up, said he received notice of the death of Mr Burgum with extreme regret, because he had known him well for many years, and entertained great respect and regard for him. The jury, who expressed their deep sympathy and condolence with the family of the deceased, return a verdict in accordance with the medical testimony.

(The Ross Gazette, 13 Dec 1900).

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