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  1. Alma D. Burgum (1878-1962)
  2. Alton Burgum (1907-1994)
  3. Anna Mildred Burgham (1891-1947)
  4. Arthur Avery Burgum (1833-1903)
  5. Arthur J. Burgham (1881-1961)
  6. Betsy Burgham (1926-1997)
  7. Blanche Burgum (1900-1986)
  8. Bradley J. Burgum (1952-2010)
  9. Caroline Burgum (1872-1976)
  10. Charles T. Burgham (1865-1956)
  11. Charles W. Burgum (1883-1941)
  12. Daniel C. Burgum (1877-1941)
  13. Daniel H. Burgum 1956-2011)
  14. Doris Burgum (1928-2010)
  15. Dorothy C. Burgum (1915-2006)
  16. Earle B. Burgum (1891-1964)
  17. Edwin O. Burgham (1889-1969)
  18. Eleanor C. A. Burgum (1916-1971)
  19. Eliza Ball Burgham (1863-1952)
  20. Elizabeth Burgham (1881-1956)
  21. Ella Burgum (1913-1976)
  22. Emma Gannell Burgum (1826-1923)
  23. Ernest R. Burgham (1902-1958)
  24. Etta D. Burgum (1886-1959)
  25. Etta Lea Burgum (1910-1952)
  26. Evelyn Burgum (1924-2011)
  27. Fanny A. Burgum (1872-1948)
  28. Gaytha Burgum (1939-2009)
  29. Geoffrey Marvin Burgum (1947-2010)
  30. George Burgum (1871-1946)
  31. George A. Burgham (1911-1976)
  32. George B. Burgum (1925-1976)
  33. George E. Burgham (1892-1941)
  34. George K. Burgum (1895-1970)
  35. Gertrude M. Burgham (1895-1986)
  36. Gordon B. Burgum (1888-1977)
  37. H. P. Burgum (1884-1958)
  38. Harry B. Burgum (1918-2005)
  39. Hazel Burgum (1918-2011)
  40. Helen Hoff Burgum (1914-1961)
  41. Henrietta Burgum (1877-1949)
  42. Henry Burgum (1846-1925)
  43. Henry Elias Burgum (1835-1878)
  44. Henry H. Burgum (1902-1961)
  45. Jacqueline C. Burgum (1948-2006)
  46. James A. Burgham (1930-2018)
  47. James C. Burgum (1945-2017)
  48. James Ernest Burgum (1928-2008)
  49. James G. Burgum (1927-1996)
  50. James P. Burgham (1893-1968)
  51. Janet Burgum (1930-2020)
  52. Jean May Burgham (1934-2001)
  53. Jesse L. Burgham (1872-1959)
  54. John Burgum (1846-1900)
  55. John F. Burgum (1854-1933)
  56. John L. Burgum (1920-1985)
  57. John Victor Burgum (1948-2010)
  58. Joseph A. Burgum (1860-1925)
  59. Josephine A. Burgum (1935-2017)
  60. Katherine K. Burgum (1915-2005)
  61. Katherine P. Burgum (1943-2012)
  62. Katherine R. Burgum 1891-1978)
  63. Kathleen Isabel Burgum (1918-2003)
  64. Kathryn W. Burgham (1890-1933)
  65. Kenneth C. Burgum (1946-2017)
  66. Leland S. Burgum (1903-1973)
  67. Leslie Burgum (1950-2013)
  68. Leslie R. Burgum (1890-1984)
  69. Louise A. Burgum (1918-2009)
  70. Margueritte Burgham (1884?-1961)
  71. Mary A. Burgum (1910-1995)
  72. Mary L. Burgum (1929-1977)
  73. Michael Burgum (d. 2013)
  74. Nancy J. Burgum (1934-1971)
  75. Olga Luzi Burgum (1921-2016)
  76. Olga Schur Burgum (1890-1965)
  77. Oliver H. Burgham (1862-1928)
  78. Peter John Burgum (1934-2011)
  79. Piers Burgum (1938-2001)
  80. Sidney G. Burgham (1918-1993)
  81. Sylvia Burgum (1933-2008)
  82. Thelma Burgum (1931-2009)
  83. Tom Burgum (1935-2016)
  84. W. Charles Burgum (1883-1941)
  85. William C. Burgum (1855-1923)
  86. William C. Burgum (1923-1992)
  87. William H. Burgum (1858-1938)
  88. William H. Burgum (1914-2008)
  89. Margaret Kilbourne Barber (d. 1995)
  90. Bob Bartley (1937-2003)
  91. Richard James Castellani (1953-2014)
  92. Penelope Jane Coomer (d. 1993)
  93. Joyce Burgum Dunn (1927-2002)
  94. Elizabeth Burgum Fichter (1891-1965)
  95. Andrea Harker (nee Burgum) (d. 2011)
  96. Alice Farnham Lillie (1906-2003)
  97. Robert Allan McConnachie (1921-2010)
  98. Margaret M. Plasterer (1916-2012)
  99. Clara See {nee Burgum} (1871-1952)
  100. Harry Burgum Stanier (1891-1907)
  101. Ollie Mae Waxler (1899-1999)
  102. Marjorie (nee Burgham) Wilson


Harry P. Burgum (Oct 11, 1884 -Sep 21, 1958)

Dead at 75; Rites Set

H.P. Burgum, 75, of 211 San Miguel Avenue, passed away this morning after being ill for the past year. Prior to coming to Salinas, Mr Burgum was a building contractor in Minneapolis, Minn., and an active member in civic affairs.

Coming to Salinas eight years ago, he was a member of, and had received a 50 year pin from Salinas Lodge 204 of F. and A.M., the Islam Temple of the Shrine, and Scottish Rites bodies in San Jose. H was also a member of Royal Arch chapter 59, of Salinas, the Reveille chapter of Eastern Star and Salinas Lions club.

Burgum is survived by wife, Mary, of Salinas; one son, William H. Burgum, Birmingham Mich.; a stepson, Murray Hoff, Salinas; and a brother, Joseph C. Burgum, Centerville, S.D. Funeral services will be held Wednesday at 2 p.m. from Struve and Laporte, followed by private inturnment at Garden of Memories.

(The Californian, Salinas, California, Mon 21 Sep 1959)

Another report in the Star Tribune, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Tuesday 22 Sep 1959) reported -

Harry Pitkin Burgum, 75, thriteen ward alderman in Minneapolis for 16 years, died Monday, following a stroke at Salinas, California. One of the most colourful and at th same time respected figures in Minneapolis politics, he exerted potent influence in the conservative faction of the city council and was recognized as an authority on city finances.. he often was majority leader when conservative were in control.

Elected first in 1933, when he was a construction and consulting engineer and general contractor. Mr Burgum served until 1949, when he was defeated by 219 votes by J. Stewart McClendon. Mr Burgum had been chairman of the ways and means committee and a member of the board of estimate and of the airports commission. In 1949, he became a member of the civil service commission.

He was born at Cedar rapids, Iowa, and received engineering degrees at the University of Iowa. He moved to California several years ago after a period of ill health. A burly man with a shock of silver hair, Mr Burgum was almost a landmark at city hall for years and news reporters loved him for his pumgent quotes and ability to enliven a dull council meeting or unearth corruption in city management. Colleagues considered his word sacred. A man with a puckish sense of humor, Mr Burgum had a way of side-stepping solemnity on every possible occasion. FOR EXAMPLE - in filling out a biographical questionnaire for a Minneapolis Tribune votors guide in the 1949 city election, he listed about a dozen organizations under Active Memberships. Under Principal Activities, he wrote "eating and sleeping".

After moving to California, he sent minneapolis friends his new "business card." In the ceter was printed Harry P. Burgum, Retired." At the corners were the words, "No address," "No phone," "No Business" and "No Money." In 1946, the widowed Mr burgum married Mrs Mary Hoff, mother of his daughter-inlaw, and had a lot of fun in ensuing years with the confusionthis caused persons trying to unravel his family relationships. In 1939, he used his famous unworn straw hat to do battle with a dog that succeeded, nonetheless, in biting the alderman during his daily stroll to city hall from his home at 4920 S Freemont Avenue. Despite this canine ingratitude, Mr Burgum still fought against giving ploice funds to enforce a dog-muzzle law.

Mr Burgum was a member of Lynnhurst Congregational Church, the Masons and Shrine, Minneapolis Athletic Club, and the Lions club. An ardent Republican, he held offices in the party's country and ward organisations. he also served on the Minneapolis safty council.

Survivors include his wife, Mary, a son William H., of Birmingham, Michigan, a step-son, Murray Hoff, Salinas and a step-daughter, Helen, who is married to William. there are two grandchildren. His first wife, Marian, died in 1944. Services will be held at Salinas at 2.pm Wednesday. Burial will be in Lakewood cemetery, Minneapolis, where Mrs Burgum is buried.

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