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Churches and Cemeteries

  1. About the Forest of Dean, GLS
  2. Abbey Dore, HER
  3. Abenhall, GLS
  4. Aberdare St John, GLA
  5. Abson St James, GLS
  6. Aldgate St Botolph's, LON
  7. Alverstoke St Mary's, HAM
  8. Ashton Cemetery
  9. Aston Ingham, HER
  10. Bagillt St Mary, FLN
  11. Bedwellty St Sannan, MON
  12. Beoley St Leonards, WOR
  13. Bermondsey St Magdalen, LON
  14. Billingham St Cuthbert, DUR
  15. Bilston Churches
  16. Birmingham Churches
  17. Birmingham Cemeteries
  18. Bishopswood, HER
  19. Bochrwd St Cynog's, RAD
  20. Bodfari, FLN
  21. Bolton St Peter, LAN
  22. Bradford St Nicholas, WIL
  23. Bradford St Peter, YKS
  24. Bream, GLS
  25. Bristol, city of
  26. Caerphilly St Martins, MGM
  27. Canewdon, ESS
  28. Cawnpore, India
  29. Chirk St Marys, DEN
  30. Cilcain St Mary, FLN
  31. Cinderford St John, GLS
  32. Christchurch Berry Hill, GLS
  33. Coleford Cemetery
  34. Cornwall Churches
  35. Crewe Christ Church
  36. Darlaston Wesleyan, STS
  37. Deane St Mary, Lan
  38. Derby Churches, DBY
  39. Dixton St Peter's, MON
  40. Drybrook, GLS
  41. Dudley St Thomas, WOR
  42. Dukinfield Cemetery, GTM
  43. Dymock St Mary's, GLS
  44. East Ham St Mary, LON
  45. East Stonehouse St George, DEV
  46. Eglwysilan St Ilan, GLA
  47. English Bicknor St Mary, GLS
  48. Farningham St Peter, KEN
  49. Feckenham St John, WOR
  50. Flaxley St Mary, GLS
  51. Flint St Mary, FLN
  52. Fownhope St Mary, HER
  53. Garth Road Cemetery, Merton, SRY
  54. Garway St Michael, HER
  55. Gateshead St Mary, DUR
  56. Gillingham, NOR
  57. Gloucester St Mary de Lode
  58. Goodrich St Giles, HER
  59. Hackney, LON
  60. Hanley St John, STS
  61. Heaton Norris, Christ Church, LAN
  62. Hereford Churches, HER
  63. Horton Kirby St Mary, KEN
  64. Hyde St Thomas, CHS
  65. Islington and St Panras Cemeteries
  66. Kempley St Mary, GLS
  67. Kidderminster St Mary, WOR
  68. Kimberworth St Thomas, YKS
  69. Ledbury, HER
  70. Linton St Mary, HER
  71. Littledean St Ethelberts, GLS
  72. Llanfihangel St Michael, MON
  73. Llanion Cemetery, PEM
  74. Longhope All Saints, GLS
  75. Lydbrook Holy Jesus, GLS
  76. Lydney St Mary, GLS
  77. Madley, HER
  78. Maldon St Marys, ESS
  79. Mangotsfield St James, GLS
  80. Mitcheldean St Michael, GLS
  81. Monmouth St Mary, MON
  82. Mordiford, HER
  83. Moxley All Saints, STS
  84. Much Marcle St Bartholomew, HER
  85. Nantyglo, MON
  86. Newent St Mary, GLS
  87. Newland All Saints, GLS
  88. Newnham St Peter, GLS
  89. Old Buckenham All Saints, NFK
  90. Oxenhall St Anne's, GLS
  91. Parkend St Pauls, GLS
  92. Pontefract, YKS
  93. Portsmouth Churches
  94. Rawmarsh Cemetery, YKS
  95. Ross on Wye St Marys, HER
  96. Rotherham Minster, YKS
  97. Ruardean, GLS
  98. Shelsley Beauchamp, WOR
  99. Shoreditch, LON
  100. Smethwick, STS
  101. Soho St Anne's, LON
  102. Staunton All Saints, GLS
  103. Stepney St Dunstans, LON
  104. Stockport St Peter
  105. Tameside Cemeteries
  106. Taynton St Lawrence, GLS
  107. Tickenham Quiricus, SOM
  108. Tidenham, GLS
  109. Trevethin St Cadoc, MON
  110. Tutshill St Luke, GLS
  111. Upper Llanfrechfa, MON
  112. Upton St Leonards, GLS
  113. Upton Bishop, HER
  114. Viney Hill All Saints, GLS
  115. Walford, HER
  116. Wednesbury St James, STS
  117. Welsh Bicknor, HER
  118. West Bromwich Christ Church
  119. Weston under Penyard, HER
  120. Whitchurch St Candida, DOR
  121. Whitchurch St Dubricius, HER
  122. Wick, GLS
  123. Woodham Ferrers, ESS
  124. Woolaston St Andrews, GLS
  125. Yardley St Edburgha's, BIRM.
  126. Yorkley, GLS
English Bicknor St Mary, Gloucestershire

Several generations of Burgums of the "GG" family tree and others lived at or near English Bicknor, in the Forest of Dean.

ENGLISH BICKNOR ST MARY the VIRGIN , was dedicated by 1514. It dates from 1100 although it almost certainly replaced a Saxon church with its oval graveyard. After an earlier tower collapsed, the Normans constructed a west tower. The nave has an interestingwagon-style roof and the long chancel was also rebuilt in the 13th and 14th centuries. many repairs took place in the Victorian era, with only the Norman tower giving clues to its original design.

The list below shows the baptisms, Marriages and burials that took place at English Bicknor St Mary.

Name Date Residence BMD Minister Notes FT
Mary Burgham 07 Apr 1775 English Bicknor Baptism      
John Burgham 06 Jan 1782 English Bicknor Baptism      
Jane Burgham 18 Mar 1804 English Bicknor Baptism   P=Thomas + Ann XX
Sarah Burgum 09 Jul 1809 English Bicknor Baptism   P=Thomas + Ann XX
Richard Burgam 24 Apr 1812 English Bicknor Baptism B.T. Mar P=Thomas + Ann XX
William Burgum 23 Jul 1815 Lydbrook Baptism J. Seager P=Thomas + Ann XX
Mary A.Burgum 28 Sep 1818 English Bicknor Baptism J. Maunder P=Thomas + Ann XX
Thomas Bergham 19 Jan 1827 Lydbrook Burial T. Marwood    
Alfred W. Burgum 19 Feb 1836 Lydbrook Baptism John Chell   GG
Anne Bergham 13 Mar 1836 Lydbrook Burial Edward Feild (1)    
Amos R. Burgum 21 Jan 1838 Lydbrook Baptism Edward Field (1) P=William + Maria GG
Adeline E. Burgum 16 Aug 1840 Lydbrook Baptism Henry J Jewcome P=William + Maria GG
Agnes J. Burgham 16 Aug 1840 Nelson Green Baptism J. Lawton P=Samuel + Selina  
Adeline E. Burgum 03 Jun 1843 Lydbrook Burial Edward Field (1) P=William + Maria GG
Thomas Burgum 23 Jul 1843 English Bicknor Baptism John Burdon P=John + Charlotte GG
Maria Burgum 09 May 1847 Lydbrook Burial John Burdon (2) b. 1807?  
Sarah T. Burgum 16 Sep 1849 English Bicknor Baptism John Burdon (2) P=John + Elizabeth GG
Isabella Burgham 06 Jan 1850 Joyford Lane Baptism John Burdon (2) P=James + Mary GG?
Martha Burgum 12 Sep 1851 English Bicknor Baptism W.W. Deering P=John + Charlotte GG
Mary Burgum 12 Sep 1851 English Bicknor Baptism W.W. Deering d. 1851 age 10w. GG
Mary Burgum 24 Nov 1851 Lydbrook Burial John Burdon (2) d. 1851 age 10 w. GG
Martha Burgum 03 Dec 1851 Lydbrook Burial John Burdon (2) P=Henry + Ann AA
Isabella Burgham Feb 1855 Joyford Lane, English Bicknor Burial John Burdon (2)    
William Burgum 22 Dec 1858 Lydbrook Burial John Temple    
William Bargain 18 Dec 1884 Lydbrook Burial C. Barnes (3)    
Alfred Burgum 21 Jun 1885 Lydbrook Baptism George Hustler (4)   GG
Emily L. Burgum 21 Jun 1885 Lydbrook Baptism George Hustler (4) P=William + Hannah GG
William J. Burgum 21 Jun 1885 Lydbrook Baptism George Hustler (4) P=William + Hannah GG
Florence M. Burgum 02 Aug 1891 Symonds Yat Baptism George Hustler (4) P=William + Hannah GG
Charlotte Bargum 29 Jan 1893 Lydbrook Burial George Hustler (4) Died age 73, b. 1820?  
Alfred W.Bargum 01 Feb 1893 Lydbrook Burial George Hustler (4) b. 1837?  
John Bargum 23 Jan 1894 Lydbrook Burial George Hustler (4)    
John Bargum 05 Dec 1900 Lydbrook Burial George Hustler (4)    
Amos Bargum 16 Sep 1904 Lydbrook Burial George Hustler (4) P=William + Maria GG
Charlotte Burgham 08 Apr 1919 Bell Hill, Lydbrook Burial C.F. Doddrell (5) d. age 73 b. 1820?  
Rolinda Burgum 03 Oct 1929 The Stores, Lydbrook Burial C.F. Doddrell (5) m=John Burgum GG
Mary A. Burgham 16 Dec 1955 Tortworth, Uppper Lydbrook Burial James Hutton P=John + Rolinda GG

(1) Edward Field became a priest in 1827 and worked as curate of Kidlington, Oxfordshire, before becoming rector of English Bicknor from 1833. He was very active in the community starting a school (1834), raising money from his friends and providing allotments on church land for his parishioners. In 1840 he became the first school inspector appointed by the National Society, which aimed to promote religious education in schools. In 1813 they had just 30 schools, but by 1861 there were 12,000 schools across England and Wales, all funded by donations. Feild left English Bicknor in 1844 to become bishop of Newfoundland and served there until 1875. His diocese included the Bermudas and it was there he died following a severe illness. he is buried in Hamilton Cemetery.

(2) John Burdon, from Castle Eden, Co Durham, was born 14th October 1811 and became rector of English Bicknor in 1844. He married Elizabeth Anne Hale 13th February 1847, who came from Castle Eden, Co Durham. They had three children; Rowland Burdon, John George Burdon and Elizabeth Ann Burdon. For a time John also served as rector of Welsh Bicknor across the River Wye. He died 12th November 1893. Their son Rowland Burdon became Deputy Lieutenant of County Durham, High Sheriff and MP for Sedgefield. A memorial glass to the Revd. John Burdon was fitted in the chancel's west wall during restoration work in 1908. Rowland Burdon paid for the restoration of the sanctuary of English Bicknor St Mary in 1936.

(3) C. Barnes was vicar of Christchurch, in the Forest of Dean.

(4) George Hustler was born in Yorkshire 1827. He was educated at Oxford receiving a BA in 1841 and an MA in1867. He was ordaoined in 1849 and became perpetual curate of Acaster-Selby, Yorkshire from 1850 until 1859. He became vicar of Stillingfleet, in Yorkshire, between 1859 and 1875. He succeeded the Revd. Burdon at English Bicknor in 1877. He ultimately bankrupted himself through his hobby of keeping hounds. He died in 1905 after falling fron his horse riding at a fence while following the hunt. He was 79 years old and had been rector at English Bicknor for 28 years.

(5) C. F. Doddrell was educated at Cambridge, ordained in 1900, and appointed curate at St Pauls, Clifton. Two years later he moved to Stoke Bishop before becoming rector of English Bicknor from 1905 until 1934. For much of his incumbency he also held the living of Welsh Bicknor and, for a time, at Coleford.

English Bicknor for more about English Bicknor and some of the Burgums and Burghams who lived there.