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Kathy Burgum
Kathy Burgum Kathleen J. Burgum was born in Bolton, Lancashire, in 1944, growing up in her home town. Her parents, Jack Burgum (1898-1961) and Elsie (Eaves) Burgum (1897-1980), were married in Bolton in 1922. Kathy also had a brother, but I will leave her to tell you about her family later.

Kathy travelled the world successfully practising her profession – in international tax accounting. After working in Europe, Singapore and other Asian countries, she made Australia her home. Her dad passed away when she was sixteen, leaving her to experience life’s challenges without his mentoring presence. Kathy spent more than one-half of her working life outside her country of birth. What a contrast - an ongoing education that she continues to embrace with open arms and heart.

I met Kathy in Singpore in 1991, where she worked as a chartered accountant. My family and I undertook an around the world trip in April and May of that year and I wrote about it in the Burgum Family History Society Journal. Around the World in 44 days!

Kathy has faced and overcome many challenges during her adventure in life, choosing to accept each one as a learning experience, and she shares some of those obstacles and lessons in her book “Celebrate Your Gold Within” so you can become empowered by her tips and traps – to save you time in discovering Your Harmony and Your Gold. She understands that the only real obstacles to you achieving your gold are mainly those created within your own mind.

Kathy’s real awakening and transformation came when she discovered, studied, practised, and experienced yoga, which deepened her awareness of life – an ongoing process.

Kripadhara, a Sanskrit name which, translated, means “flow of grace” was given to Kathy by her guru.

Reasons for writing the book:
Ten years ago, during the course of my work, in a routine job performance review with one of my team, I explained that frequent talking about non-work-related issues was disruptive to the team’s work efficiency. I asked the employee whether they enjoyed their work. During our discussion, it became apparent that the employee was in the wrong job and, after reviewing their talents and interests, they chose to pursue a career in engineering.

Although, seemingly a prosaic interview, it had a profound effect on me, where I realised that change is inevitable in life. From this I had a vision to share my message – to empower each person to live life fully, with harmony and without limitations – and designed the skeleton of this book. During an extended sabbatical, after studying the science of Yoga and working with a not-for-profit organisation, it is time to finish writing the book, to share that vision, my legacy.

Uniqueness of the book:
The book is an Integrated Guide on How to: Fully Live Life with Success, Happiness, and Without Limitations, and empowers the reader to attain happiness and harmony in life by building a foundation in each area of life. The book is designed to provide a framework and practical system with easy-to-follow steps, to enable the reader to analyse and understand them-self, question and recognise their real needs in life, and challenge them to attain their ideal dream.

It encompasses principles relevant to achieving success and awareness in a concise, and easy- to-understand way. Quotations of successful people are included at the beginning of each chapter, to highlight the focus of the chapter and share their inspirational messages. Examples, in the form of stories, elaborate and enliven many of the concepts in greater depth. Space is provided at the end of each chapter, so the reader can write down their thoughts, for future reference. Exercises are included at the end of certain chapters, for completion by the reader, to record their input.

Experiences, ups and downs encountered along my journey in life and lessons learnt, are summarised at the end of each chapter. Writing the book challenged me to recall the events of my life, bare my soul, and show how the experiences impacted on my life path. I share my legacy from the depth of my heart.

This book is intended for readers of all ages, irrespective of gender, religion, background, location, and present circumstances, who are willing to accept change into their life with an open heart and mind.

Benefits to be gained from reading the book:
The book explores and summarises the two world concepts, the outer – material world, and the inner – spiritual world, and how they both can impact and balance our lifestyle when integrated. It challenges the reader to mindfully analyse their inherent talents, focus on building a foundation in each area of life, set meaningful goals – as stepping stones – and take action, to establish harmony in each area of their life; and share their success with disadvantaged individuals.

The book empowers the reader to challenge their status quo and real needs, recognise the gap between their ideal lifestyle and status quo, and allow change into their life as a link to bridge that gap. The focus is on mindfully adopting a wellness regime, attaining peace of mind, and embracing abundance, so the reader can experience prosperity, happiness, and harmony in each area of life.

After reading the book, and completing the exercises, the reader will have created their own unique Life Plan – their Blueprint for living their life fully with Success, Happiness, and Without Limitations.

I hope to share with others how to create harmony in each area of life by building foundations as anchors, to help manage change in pursuing their ideal lifestyle during turbulent times encountered in daily life. The underlying concept throughout the book is conservation and efficient use of energy.

The publisher's website: www.heartspacepublications.com

Facebook Page: Kathy Burgum's Facebook Page

You you would like to read more about Kathy and her career you can click on her Linkedin page here.

Written by Kathy Burgum (With a few little additions from Doug Burgum)