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The BFHS Library

The list below contains a series of "Flip Books" created by Doug Burgum of the Burgum Family History Society. These illustrated books can be read just like a normal book or magazine where you simply read and turn the pages. Some of the books contain stories about individuals in the Burgum (and Burgham) family. Others include a genealogy guide, a book list of obituaries, and a "Did You Know?" book about unusual facts of history.

Click on the book to read it. There is a button (bottom right) which will take the book to full screen.

The library collection will be added to over time, creating a new way of enjoying your family history.

This book show photographs of my family, the AA family tree. They include pictures of my parents, grandparents and my great-grandfather, as well as a few from the other branches of my family including the Brazilian Burgums.
This is the story of Henry Burgum (1739-1789), a successful pewterer living in Bristol, who allowed himself to be duped by the poet Thomas Chatterton. Driven by vanity, Henry purchased a pedigree from Chatterton, and so began a spiral into humiliation, disgrace, ruin and eventual imprisonment in the Fleet Prison.