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County Abbreviations in England and Wales

Abbrev Place Abbrev Place Abbrev Place
AGY Anglesey, Wales GLS Gloucestershire, England OXF Oxfordshire, England
AVN Avon, England GNT Gwent, Wales PEM Pembrokeshire, Wales
BDF Bedfordshire, England GTM Greater Manchester, England POW Powys, Wales
BKM Buckinghamshire, England GWN Gwynedd, Wales RAD Radnorshire, Wales
BRE Breconshire, Wales HAM Hampshire, England RUT Rutland, England
BRK Berkshire, England HEF Herefordshire, England SAL Shropshire, England
CAE Caernarvonshire, Wales HRT Hertfordshire, England SFK Suffolk, England
CAM Cambridgeshire, England HUM Humberside, England SGM South Glamorgan, Wales
CGN Cardiganshire, Wales HUN Huntingdonshire, England SOM Somerset, England
CHS Cheshire, England HWR Hereford and Worcester, Eng. SRY Surrey, England
CLV Cleveland, England IOW Isle of Wight, England SSX Sussex, England
CMA Cumbria, England KEN Kent, England STS Staffordshire, England
CMN Carmarthenshire, Wales LAN Lancashire, England SXE East Sussex, England
CON Cornwall, England LEI Leicestershire, England SXW West Sussex, England
CUL Cumberland, England LIN Lincolnshire, England SYK South Yorkshire, England
CWD Clwyd, Wales MER Merionethshire, Wales TWR Tyne and Wear England
DBY Derbyshire, England MGM Mid Glamorgan Wales WAR Warwickshire, England
DEN Denbighshire, Wales MGY Montgomeryshire, Wales WES Westmorland, England
DEV Devon, England MON Monmouthshire, Wales WGM West Glamorgan, Wales
DFD Dyfed, Wales MSY Merseyside, England WIL Wiltshire, England
DOR Dorset, England NBL Northumberland, England WMD West Midlands, England
DUR Co. Durham, England NFK Norfolk, England WOR Worcestershire, England
ERY East Riding Yorkshire, Eng. NRY North Riding of Yorkshire, Eng. WRY West Riding of Yorkshire, Eng.
ESS Essex, England NTH Northamptonshire, England WYK West Yorkshire, England
FLN Flintshire, Wales NTT Nottinghamshire, England YKS Yorkshire, England
GLA Glamorgan, Wales NYK North Yorkshire, England