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Sometimes family history research can throw up as many questions as it does answers. Listed here are a number of mysteries that have yet to be solved. My challenge to you is this: Can you solve any of the questions listed below?

The Avery Connection
1. John Avery married Mary Beach and they had twelve children (obviously no television)! One of those was Samuel Avery.

Samuel Avery, a widower, married Esther Burgum on the 29th December 1819, at St Nicholas Church, Kings Norton. A note says the the marriage was with the consent of the parents by licence, which works because Esther would have been just 20 years old.

But who is Esther Burgum?

All we know is her father was Harry (Henry?) Burgum.
P=John Avery (1732-1806) and Mary Beach
(m. 21 June 1758, Kings Norton)

Samuel Avery
b. 1766
c. 06 Sep 1766, Wythall, WOR
d. 1857, Worcester
Samuel and Esther (Burgum) Avery had one son, christened Samuel Burgum Avery. He was probably born at Wythall, in the registration district of Kings Norton, and was christened there on 6th October 1884.

A year later he had ventured to London and was working in Regent St as a Drapers Assistant; he was single.

1861 saw him in Birmingham, working as a milliner and laceman. He was now married to Ann J. (Benson) Avery, also working as a milliner.

By 1871 they were living at Wylde Green, Sutton Coalfield. Samuel was now a confectioner employing 11 females, 3 men and 3 boys. Also living there was their son, Samuel C. Avery, who was born about 1854 at St Johns Wood, London.

In 1881 Samuel C. Avery, also working as a confectioner, is living at Broad Street, Birmingham, but this time he has a wife Emily. With them are two children Charles J. Avery age 2 and Jane G. Avery aged 2 months.

By 1881 Samuel Avery, senior, has returned to Northfield, living at Hill Farm, near Kings Norton. He is still a confectioner employing 6 men and 16 females. His wife Anne is also there but they have two house guests, two grandchildren - Samuel C.W. Avery age 5 years old and Esther Emily Avery aged 3. These are presumably also Samuel and Emily's children first two children.

Samuel Burgum Avery died at Bromsgrove 10th Jan 1884 and was buried at Kings Norton 15th Jan 1884. By 1901 his son Samuel C. Avery (and Emily) were living in Stratford upon Avon. Samuel C. Avery died in Bristol at the ripe old age of 75.
Samuel Burgum Avery
b. 1884, Kings Norton
c. 6th Oct 1884, Wythall.

m=Ann Jane Benson (milliner) (28 Sep 1851)

Occ. 1861; Milliner and Laceman, living at 24a Bull Street, Birmingham

Res. 1871; Wylde Green, Sutton Coalfield.
Res. 1881; Hill Farm, Northfield, Kings Norton

d. 10th Jan 1884, Bromsgrove
bur. 15th Jan 1884, Kings Norton.

Samuel C. Avery
b. July 1854
c. 8 Aug 1853, Ladbroke Grove St John
m=Emily Gibbs, 1874, Pershore
d. 13 May 1929, Redland, Bristol

2. George Burgum, from Aston Ingham, and Sarah Fletcher appearing on a marriage allegation in 1772, although we have not yet found evidence of the actual marriage.

The marriage allegation confirms George is from Aston Ingham. However it also states that he is 22 years old and, therefore, born in 1750. (The other George we know from Aston Ingham was christened in 1742.

Is this the same George? (See below) Sarah is 21 and therefore born in 1751.
1772 Marriage Allegation
m(?)=Sarah Fletcher , (1772)

Click on the image to enlarge it.

George Burgum and Sarah Fletcher 1772 Marriage Allegation

Close1772 Marriage Allegation
3. George Burgum was christened at Linton in 1742, the eldest son of George Burgum and Hannah (Stoneyard) Burgum. He had 7 brothers and sisters - Rebecca (b. 1739/40), Sarah (b. 1743/44), Nancy (b. 1745), Thomas (b. 1747), Anthony (b. 1749), Mary (b. 1755) and Robert (b. 1758).

Esther Burgum, who married Samuel Avery (No. 1 above) would be too young to be his sister, but I have checked the children of his brothers and still cannot find an Esther. When I first collected this data it seemed that George Burgum, of Aston Ingham, had moved to Worcestershire and had married three times. Later, evidence came to light to suggest this might not be correct!

We know that George Burgum, of Aston Ingham, married Esther Mason at St Nichols Church, Kings Norton, in 1774. The marriage record specified he was from from Aston Ingham and that he was a batchelor. Now this was a shock because we already had a note that George Burgum of Aston Ingham had married Sarah Fletcher two years earlier in 1772 (see No. 3 below).

P=George Burgum and Hannah (Stoneyard) Burgum

George Burgum
c. 1742, Linton
7 brothers + sisters

m=Esther Mason (1774)
St Nicholas Church, Kings Norton

4. Now George Burgum had six children, but I am particularly interested in two of them - Henry Burgum born at Yardley, Worcestershire, in 1781 (mother Esther Mason) and Joseph Burgum born at Feckenham in 1785 (mother Sarah).

Is this the George Burgum who may have married Sarah Fletcher, a good candidate to be Joseph's father? Is it likely they waited 13 years after the marriage before having their only child, or is Joseph one in a family series we have not found? Is Sarah likely to have her first child at age 34 unless, once again, he was one in a family series? Or could Joseph be the son of another George and Sarah?
Henry Burgum
b. 30 Dec 1781, Yardley, WOR
m=Martha Richards, 28 Nov 1821, Birmingham
d. 5 Jan 1837, Much Marcle, WOR

Joseph Burgum
b. 30 Dec 1785, Feckenham, WOR
m=Maria Carpenter, 29 May 1824, Feckenham, WOR
d. Before 1851
5. Another question hangs over the second ages of the two George Burgums. One (see No. 2 above) was christened 31 December 1742 and was 8 years older than George No. 3 above).

Surely the conclusion must be that that these are two different Georges. But then who is the mother of the two children Henry and Joseph? (see No. 4 above).

Is Esther the mother of both Henry Burgum and Joseph Burgum and was "Sarah" written in by mistake on the latter?.

Is there any other way of proving it?

The fact remains that both Henry and Joseph christened their children with the middle name Avery.

Is this because of the Avery family of Wythall? (see No. 1 above)

So how can this resolved? If we could find an age at death for George Burgum (see No. 2 above) we could confirm that he is the son of George and Hannah (Stoneyard) Burgum.

Is Sarah Fletcher was the mother of Joseph Burgum? Or is there another George and Sarah?

Were there two George's at Aston Ingham?

Can we find an age at death of George at Beoley in 1797?

Do we know when Esther Mason Burgum died?

Can we prove that the George Burgum who married Esther Mason later married Elizabeth Izod? Are Henry and Joseph Burgum brothers or cousins and what is the connect with the Averys at Wythall?

For the record - Feckenham is 12 miles south from Wythall. Beoley (where George was buried) is just 4 miles south of Wythall. Kings Norton is just 4 miles north of Wythall.

Or have I just missed something obvious or made a huge mistake somewhere? HELP!!!!

Can you help break down our brick wall?

Can you help?