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Can You Help?

Sometimes family history research can throw up as many questions as it does answers. Listed here are a number of mysteries that have yet to be solved. My challenge to you is this: Can you solve any of the questions listed below?

Play Detective! Can you link theses two families?
Have a look at census pages above. They are CS1901-47 and CS1901-48 in the 1901 Census from the menu above. If you click on the names in blue below you can take a better look at the families.

William Burgum and Mary Burgum belong to the "BB" family tree and lived at 13 Dongola Road, Tottenham, in London.

Just a few streets away at 89 Roselyn Road, Tottenham lived Sarah Jane Burgum and her family of the "OO" family tree.

Is this a coincidence, or did these two Burgum families know each other? If they did, they were almost certainly related. But how?

Can you help?