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Can You Help? (Solved!)

Sometimes family history research can throw up as many questions as it does answers. However this mystery has been solved! The answer is at the bottom of the page. My challenge to you is this: Can you solve any of the questions listed below?

Yet another Postcard Mystery
I have acquired a postcard of the St Regis Inn, in Deferiet, New York State. The proprietor is J. H. Burgham. The card also says it is the nearest hotel to Pine Camp. The hotel was originally built by the St Regis Paper Company to house workers. They also constructed 52 homes and a general store At one time over 1,500 people lived in Deferiet, many of them Italian, Hungarian and Polish immigrants. The hotel was torn down in 1965.

The village of Deferiet was built on an artificial island in the river and was named after Madam Deferiet (from France). It lies about 137 miles from New York and now has a population of less than 300. (This is approximately 118 families). The land and village were developed by a group of men from Watertown, New York, who designed a village centered around the paper mill. This was the very first St. Regis Paper Mill, which was so successful that the company had locations all over the world. (Hence the name of the hotel).

The village is a man-made island, constructed with a canal connecting from and to the Black river. The canal was constructed by a dam which would direct water to the canal and paper mill which has a second dam with hydro electric (water powered) generators that turned the rushing water into electricity. At the start-up of construction, two apartment buildings were built at separate ends of the village. One was inhabited by Italian families and the other primarily Polish. This village has a very unique history and is a very special place.

Edith Bartley has since furnished me the following information, which may help identify this person:
"The 1910 US census indexed him as Joseph H. Burghan, but looking at the image, it could be Burgham. He was 37, single, born in Pennsylvania, both parents born in England or at least English. He was listed as the landlord of the Deferiet Hotel. I can't find him in the 1920 or 1930 censuses, but they might have his surname garbled."

Burghan, Joseph H.; Age: 37; Gender: M; Race: W; Birthplace: PA; State: New York; County: JEFFERSON; Locale: WILNA; Series: T624; Roll: 954; Part: 1; Page: 296A.

Please help me solve this mystery.

Who is Joseph H. Burgham? Well he is the grandson of John Burgum and Ann (Woodhall) Burgham. It was their son Joseph Burgum who married Lucy in about 1862 and they emigrated to the USA in 1869. They had at least four children - Joseph Harry Burgham was born in 1873 and he had three surviving sisters Millie, Eva and Katrina at the time of his death on May 12th 1926. Harry operated the Grand Union Hotel in Carthage, NY, before going to Deferiet where he operated the St Regis Hotel for 25 years.